Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Showboat open? Where are the slot machines?

A: Yes, the Showboat now operates as a hotel. No, it is not a casino anymore. It has been reopened as a hotel since 2016.

Q: The games are free? You don't have to pay?

A: No, you still have to pay. We charge by the hour. Free play means you don't have to credit the machines by using quarters or tokens.

Q: Can you bring drinks in?

A: YES! We are BYOB and there is a bar in close proximity to our location.

Q: Is the jukebox on freeplay?

A: Yes, our jukebox is on free play. You are more than welcome to browse our 50 CD collection and pick a song to play!

Q: Can you tell me where XYZ are?

A: Well, I can certainly try, but asking the front desk in the hotel might be a better option.

Q: The casino's really not open anymore?

A: It's really, really not open anymore.